The Orient-Sports-Diver Blue Dial Automatic RA-AA0916L19B 200M Men’s Watch is a great timepiece for everyday wear. The lightweight feel and comfortable silicone strap make it easy to wear in many different settings while still showing off your unique style. It includes many features that are automatic including the day, date, and time even without a secondhand.

You will enjoy the unidirectional rotating bezel that makes it easier to make adjustments in different locations no matter what time zone you are in. This is a great watch for casual wearers and everyday use. You will enjoy the quick set capabilities so you can set it to where you need it no matter where you are or how far the time difference is between two different locations. You will also enjoy the 200 meters of water resistance that this watch offers even if you are going scuba diving.

Overall we think that this is a great watch for all ages and genders. You will enjoy its unisex design and truly unique look with minimal branding that is more subtle than most watches on the market today. This is a great everyday watch, but not recommended if your job requires a waterproof or very durable watch.

Common Mistakes People Make With Orient-Sports-Diver Watch

You have many options when searching for a new timepiece, but you can lose sight of what features are most important to you. The Orient-Sports-Diver Blue Dial Automatic RA-AA0916L19B 200M Men’s Watch review below covers all the basics about this watch so you can make an informed decision about your next timepiece. Pricing, movement, case, and dial design are the four key reasons to buy this watch. We will then move into more in-depth reviews that reveal all the details you need to know about these features.

You should have a budget in mind when shopping for a timepiece. You do not want to purchase something that is beyond your means. This type of strap is easy to clean and will not stain easily. It can also be worn in many different settings that require formal or casual clothing.

You will enjoy the 200 meters of water resistance that this watch offers even if you are going scuba diving. You should be careful when removing and adding the straps to avoid damaging one of the most important features of this watch. The dial on the face is easy to see and read. It has automated day, date, and time displays. There is also a unidirectional rotating bezel so you can make adjustments in certain locations even though there is no second hand on this watch model. This helps if you need to keep track of different time zones while traveling or even in your own town.

You should be careful when adjusting the bezel as it is very easy to make a mistake. The watch comes in two different colors one of which is a blue dial while the other is black. This watch can be worn casually or formally due to its stainless steel case and strap. It will look great with either shirt and slacks or a dress shirt and slides. It all depends on your needs as to what type of watch will work best for your needs at work, at home, or on vacation. This watch offers quick-set capabilities that allow you to make modifications while traveling.

To protect your favorite features, set the time carefully. This watch will satisfy casual watch wearers. This watch is great for everyday wear but not for wet or particularly hard jobs.

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