Casio G-Shock Watch

The Casio G-Shock standard digital GM6900-1 men's watch is a digital watch that can be relied upon to provide accurate readings and reliable performance. The design of the watch is simple with a classic round stainless steel face, black resin strap, and three buttons on the side. This watch is shock resistant, it has an electroluminescent backlight for viewing in low light conditions, and it can withstand water depths of up to 200 meters.

The Casio Watch is highly accurate, it keeps track of seconds, minutes, hours, and even days. The model features a countdown timer and stopwatch mode that is accurate to the second. It also has an auto calendar that displays the day and date.

This particular model features a 1/100 second stopwatch as well as an alarm mode which can be set to sound after every ten minutes or at specific times every day. The model was designed for comfort and style, it is lightweight and the resin strap can be easily adjusted. The face of the watch is covered in a hard mineral crystal which will prevent scratches and will make the watch easy to clean.

Multi-Function Alarm

This watch has a multi-function alarm which can be set to go off at any time of day and can sound for a specific duration. The model features an audio signal with a buzzer or it can vibrate if the user prefers. The alarm can be set to chime every hour or every ten minutes or at specified times.

Flash Alert

The model features a flash alert feature which can be activated to give the user an audible signal every hour and in multiples of ten minutes. The model also has a snooze alarm for those situations where a user may need to take a moment before getting up.

Electro Luminescent Backlight

This feature gives the Casio G-Shock standard digital GM6900-1 men's watch a unique look, it also helps the wearer to see the time even in very low light conditions.

The Casio G-Shock Standard Digital GM-6900-1 GM6900-1 200M Men's Watch is a highly functional watch with a friendly design. It provides an accurate and reliable time to the second which is helpful to anyone who uses it; the model also has an easy-to-read face as well as excellent shock resistance. The multi-function alarm. And the model has a flash alert that can be activated.

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